Sisterhood Mala's.

If I quit every time a moment of doubt flew into my mind, I would have never had the chance to see my true beauty and where my true happiness rests. Conformity is a curse, a curse that's been written soooo well into our society over the ages. I'm so proud to have such wonderful soul sisters in my life who fill my heart with unconditional love always, who encourage my break free from conformity even when I tend to get a little extreme.. who blow the wind to wings while I'm flying or throw down a rope when I find myself in a rut. It is quite amazing how we find our true few when life gets a little bumpy, thank you for your sisterhood Ky Dawg. 💕 It is such a blessing to know your whole heart, thank you for fitting so well in my world. Can't wait to see you next and trade back and forth our yin and yang malas 😁✨🙏🏼 suuupercharged!!

These Dream Catching Yin and Yang inspired Sisterhood malas have been tied with tigers eye, onyx, smokey quartz, jade, snowflake obsidian and completed with a hand tied tektite pendant. Tektite holds some serious universal magic as it is formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts that made it through our atmosphere because girl..... we are out of this world ;) Love and light, if you have a soul sister living close by, make sure to give her an exxxxtra big squeeze today.. life happens to pull distance between us from time to time and personally i've noticed that appreciating the small moments has taken my heart to its most abundant places 🤗