Treasure Hunting!

Scotty and I have officially caught the treasure hunting fever! Our ever so generous Mother Earth presented me with these beautifully energetic fossils while I was stone hoping through Englishman River during our explorations this weekend. The second my eye caught this stone my instincts kicked in and I instantly wanted to lift it above my head and hulk smash it. So naturally, I did just that hah then these gorgeous creatures presented themselves to me! I was shocked to find these fossilized shells about 20km for where the ocean now rests its shores. I am not %100 sure what the other fossilized pieces are but I have convinced myself that it was once a sand dollar. When I pulled it from the water I noticed that it glows similar to the way selenite crystal would. If any body thinks they may know more specifically what type of fossil this is, please reach me through my contact page and let me know your thoughts :)