The Beginning Of Mindful Living.

I know that my assumption of my inner self will project fiercely through the loved ones around me.

Our bodies are made up of the same energy that fuels our earth, plants, animals, our sun..the stars, the universe and beyond. We are like supercharged human batteries that fuel each other each time we are emerged into physical or emotional connection with one another.

Our mood consistently sends a vibration throughout our body signalling to our brain when our mood is about to change. We have seven main chakra systems aligned within us, each one releases a slightly different frequency, when we are conscience of the energy flowing amongst our chakra systems it allows us to witness the define line between the emotions that we experience. When we are experiencing emotional turmoil, it has the potential to have an affect on the health of our physical body as the stress we are experiences project's through each cell in our body before exiting it. This is why it is at such importance that we breathe, be present enough to allow our lessons to be learnt then move on with grace. Keep in mind that as life becomes an overwhelming challenge, this to shall pass and your strength will always rise again if you allow it too.

 It has always amazed me to see how our emotions can be contagious to those around us. If you are living in a higher vibrational frequency and feeling the raw beautiful bliss of life, colours appear more vibrant, simplicity is appreciated, your days become less of a chore and more of an excitement. You'll notice your loved ones around you feeding off your brilliant self-love and it will encourage you to find new ways to keep the bliss flowing in your life, not only for the benefit of yourself, but also for the benefit of recharging your loved loves, which in return you may notice they will begin to look for ways to embrace their own uplifting ambitions on their personal journey.
Energy works in the same way for those who consistently find themselves in a place of sorrow or pity, you will remain in these depths until you choose to make a shift.
Think about it, our energy cannot be recreated or destroyed.. even for the saddest of souls.. Our world would never be the same without you. Each and every single one of us provides a footprint on this world that is EXPONENTIAL to our existence and growth as a species. So I invite you to ask yourself, are you leaving a linger of disarray and fog behind you for yourself and your loved ones to feed off of or are you shining out your true and beautiful vibrant colours to this world because you understand exactly how powerful your loving heart truly is?

I choose to share the love and light.
I believe that optimal human health begins with bringing your mind to peace in order to understand the emotional and physical body with adequacy. Through my paint brush I have found my peace, with peace I have found my bliss.. with my bliss, I will share it's epicness with every single soul who chooses to cross my path! There is more then enough good vibes to go around. Embrace the change and allow yourself to become the individual you desire most. ✨

Staying creative will always be my super power, xo

Love and light, B