Salt Spring Island Lavender

Thank you Sacred Mountain Lavender Farm!!! 

Our ESC Smudging Lavender Wands have been crafted with herbs that were lovingly grown and harvested by the creators of Sacred Mountain Lavender Farm on Salt Spring Island, BC. It was a privilege to walk amongst the beauty of their farm as the lavender was starting to truly flourish. I felt very at peace while being there, my curiosity was spiked as I was told about their beautifully therapeutic lavandin and lavender essential oils that they personally extract from a selection of their flowers that are grown. Moments later I was shown the extraction system and walked through the entire process. After seeing the amount of heart and love that goes into this farm I couldn't resist taking a few gifts home to enjoy for myself which included lavender ice cream, lavender coffee and of course a bundle of dried herbs that brought our lavender smudging collection to life as well as improved our fan favourite, Lavish Lavender bath bomb collection. This plant has always spoken sweetly to me and as I continue to learn the many new ways to use it, this miraculous herb proves to be timeless.

Lavender Smudge Wand

Lavender Smudge Wand


I recommend all who enjoy the heavenly aroma of lavender, who make there way to Salt Spring Island to take a moment to stop by the Sacred Mountain Lavender Farm for a taste of lavender infused lifestyle as they offer a variety of sweet treats, essential oils, wellness retreats, bath/spa care and so much more!  

for more information about the Sacred Mountain Lavender Farm and what they have to offer you please visit their website at

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