Goddess Of Love Mala

The Goddess of Love Mala has been crafted with 108 lovingly charged crystal beads consisting of rose quartz, clear/frosted quartz and tigers eye to encourage the true embrace of your powerful inner Goddess strengths. Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love that bonds with our heart chakra system. It will promote self appreciation and allow one to fully welcome in their nurturing feminine energy. Holding this energy will attract kind hearted people your way and allow one to be present in this current moment in time, this often can create a path for one to let go of old past wounds with a heart full of forgiveness and a deep understanding that here and now is only what exists. Tigers eye is a high vibrational gemstone that brings about courage to walk your path of destiny with certainty in hand. This is a strength gifting stone that allows one to see below and beyond the surface of all situations bringing about new understanding as needed while connecting us to our sacral chakra. Quartz is an aura cleansing crystal that allows us to clear out the things in life that are no longer serving our higher purpose, it will cleanse your stagnant energy to make room for the blissful times ahead. Sending love and light the Goddess of Love mala will be useful for elevating your energetic vibration and boosting spiritual practices. 

Goddess of Love Mala