Day 1 Of Our Home Garden


This is what the first couple days of gardening at our house looks like, we have  a few seedlings that are awaiting to sprout while others already reach for the sky! It is always so exciting to witness their growth take off so eagerly. This season we have planted an assortment of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. I look forward to being able to use our own organic herbs from our peacefully grown garden to enhance our body care and smudging collections. Our sage and lavender will be dried and used for cooking and smudging enjoyments while our chamomile, lemon balm and nasturtium flowers will be used to enhance our relaxing bath bombs. The strawberries can be used in a natural bar of soap too .. That is only if they happen to survive that long with all their deliciousness growing before us! The rest of our vegetables will be grown to provide our bodies with clean, green and vibrant energy ☼ 

 Happy spring from Earth and Soul Collections