Learn How To Smudge, Cleanse & Charge

Our Belief on Cleansing and Charging your Holistic Collections.

Cleansing the old to make way for the new!

Cleansing your gemstones and crystals is absolutely recommended by us, this includes your beautiful jewelry collections. Crystals that are formed in clusters or layers such as selenite and lepidolite may separate when being introduced to water, so please be mindful to choose the most beneficial method for each crystal or jewelry piece that you are cleansing. Gemstones have been used for many centuries to aid in holistic practices as each gem releases its own vibrational frequency that can be specifically directed to help with personal ailments and to strengthen spiritual rituals. At ESC we see a benefit from cleansing our stones and crystals from time to time in order to maintain their optimal metaphysical properties especially when using our collections for holistic healing such as energetic chakra alignment, energy protection, past life regressions, finding the release of deep emotional healing from past trauma/heart ache, strengthening mediation, bringing forth love, prosperity, to aligned our mind, body and soul toward balance and more. After our treasures have been cleansed they are fully nurtured and ready to be charged with loving energy from ourselves, Mother Earth, someone we hold dear to our heart, the moon, the sun, water or which ever way seems most satisfying at that time. We find that charging our stones and crystals with pure intention enhances the organic gifts that the crystals already carry within. There are many methods to use for cleansing and charging the most powerful method is the one that resonates with you, here are a few that we enjoy:

SMUDGING with Mother Nature

Mala Cleanse with Palo Santo

Mala Cleanse with Palo Santo

Smudging has been used for hundreds of years by Ancients to cleanse and purify sacred crystals, temples, people, stones, spaces, and more. Smudging is the smouldering of any number of sacred herbs or wood to produce a healing fragrant smoke that is used to cleanse and purify. There are many traditions, sacred rituals, and simple approaches to smudging, this method is the one that resonates with us. Please feel free to modify this practice to best fit your needs. Begin by gathering your smudging bowl, choose one that will be safe to put out the lit ember of your smudging tool after use. In our home we use half of a sea shell as the smudging bowl, it would also be safe to use a ceramic, glass, metal bowls, etc. Then choose the smudging tool of your desire, our top three favourite smudging tools are palo santo wood, sage wands, and braided sweetgrass. You’ll also be needing fire for this practice, matches, a lighter or a candle will do. Please handle with caution and care. Next, while holding securely to one side of your smudging tool ignite the other end. Proceed by gently blowing on the ignited end of your smudging tool to extinguish any open flames which will create a smoke producing ember. Your smudging tool should not be used before the flame is blown out as some herbs burn much faster than others and this could cause loss of control with your flame if you aren’t careful. Once your smudging tool is producing fragrant healing smoke, begin to "wash" your objects or space by slowly and calmly waving your herbs/wood back, forth and all around the space/item/person in which you are cleansing, be mindful not to burn yourself. It is good practice in this moment of smudging to say your mantra, or prayers, your wishes, sending acknowledgment to the love and light that fuels us, or even a simple thank you to Mother Earth for will do. You will feel the lightness in your heart begin to fill the room as you continue with this practice. Some day’s I will smudge for less than one minute and other times it can take up to 10 minutes or more to complete the practice. Let the power of your intuition guide you, the time that it will take you may vary due to the personal rituals you have chosen that day. 

Throughout your cleansing rituals you can gently blow on the end of your smudging tool as needed to help keep the ember continually smoking. Be sure to get good coverage of your objects or space that you are cleansing with the healing smoke. While smudging, if your location allows it open a window or door to allow the lifted energy to leave the area where it was previously being held.  The breeze of Mother Earth passing through will also gift cleansing your way. Once you have completed your wash, you can place the smouldering end of your smudging tool in your smudging bowl pressing the ember into your bowl and tapping as needed in order to completely extinguish the ember. Never leave smudging tool unattended until completely extinguished. After your smudging tool has cooled down it is then ready to be stored away until next time. When we complete a smudging ritual in our home, we enjoy returning the ashes from our smudging bowl back to Mother Earth for cosmic recycling. Happy smudging you lovely souls!

Sharing Cleansing Grace with WATER

Water is another very effective method for cleansing and charging stones and crystals. We recommend using a fresh water river, stream, lake, or creek that has been provided to us by our ever loving Mother Earth. A wonderful attribute to this method is that it will not only cleanse your gems but also recharge and revitalize them at the same time. Begin by placing your water safe stones and crystals in a mesh bag (please research before hand to find out if your stones and crystals are water safe), seal the bags opening to ensure no stones escape during this practice. Place the bag gently in the water while continuing to hold on securely. Let the water run over your stones and crystals while you keep your mindful, clear and loving intensions in your heart as the water brings you cleansing. 

Another water method that we like to use is by introducing our crystal collections to pure Ocean water. Be mindful if choosing this method as some stones and crystals may not react well with salt causing them to rust (Hematite), fade (coloured gems or Turquoise), break apart (raw Malachite, Lepidolite), dissolve (Calcite, Ulexite) or loose their luster (Pearl). If you choose to use the Ocean water method we recommend bringing a bowl to the beach with you as it would be a shame for the tide to sneak up on you and sweep away your jewels!

After arriving to the beach that you have chosen, place your items in a bowl and begin pouring the lively Ocean water onto your salt water safe collections while keeping your intentions close to your heart and deep in your mind. If you choose to use the fresh water method, we recommend that you let your stones dry in the sun for an extra BLISS charge. When practicing methods involving salt water it helps if you towel off your stones and crystals before you let them charge in the sun, for the salt may leave mineral spots otherwise. If you do not have access to an area with fresh running water or the Ocean you can also use purified water in your home. Please note that tap water is not first on our recommendation list due to added chemicals. 

FULL MOON Revitalization

We LOVE using the full moon as our monthly cleansing and charging ritual, not only for our crystals but for our energetic bodies too! A full moon has true power, pouring tremendous amounts of beautiful, vibrant, energy down to our Earth. The frequency of the moon has many wild affects on humans. Some of you may notice your mood is enhanced as the moon becomes full, which makes it very important to have pure intentions while using this method as your energy will be amplified. The moon’s power is exponential which makes it very valuable for cleansing and charging. On an evening of the full moon simply lay your crystals and stones out in a secure place under the shining moon-rays for as long as you please. We like to leave them rest outside overnight if possible to allow our crystals to fully embrace the cosmic knowledge. The full moon method has been used for hundreds of years and is not only one of the easiest methods, but personally we feel it is one of the most effective. Be sure to check the forecast before leaving your stones and crystals out all evening, if it calls for rain make sure to use water safe crystals, we’ve been pleasantly surprised a time or two with an extra rain cleansing boost while using the full moon method. The most important part of the full moon method is to have fun and go with the flow! 

We have only named a few cleansing and charging practices. When choosing your personal method it’s all about finding what resonates with your heart and soul. Please modify these practices as needed to fit your desires.

If you have a special cleanse or charge ritual that is close to your heart and you'd like to share with others please leave us a short description in the comment box bellow.

Even if you decide to never charge or cleanse your crystals, a simple "Thank You" will do, Namaste friends!

Written and published by the co-founder of Earth and Soul Collections - Brooke Rankin