The Infinite One

Forgiveness, Sacred Grounding, Angelic Connection, Attracts Abundance, Dispels negativity, Yin-yang Balance, Heart and Root chakra


Infinite One has been crafted with 108 powerfully charged healing crystals and gemstones that directly correlate with the vibrations being released from our root and heart chakra systems. This beauty is completed with a clear quartz Guru Pendant to assist in the mission of our true heart purities being amplified outward from within and to dispel negativity. Quartz brings balance and harmony to our masculine and feminine energy and rids of stagnant energetic patterns to make way for the new opportunities upon the horizon. This mala claims its name as it has been designed with Infinite Stone, or otherwise known as light-green serpentine. Infinite stone connects us to our heart chakra and nurtures us with it’s tender Angelic nature. With the grace of serpentine this mala has been attuned to welcome in your heart of true forgiveness wherever this is necessary  for you in order to achieve infinite peace throughout the mind, body and soul.  Serpentine will always find lightness, even in the darkest of situations. Lava stone grounds this mala to Mother Earth and shares the gift of strength and stability to see beyond our personal perspectives. Sending love and light to the Infinite One!