Rooted Buddha withOnyx & Tourmalated Quartz

Root and Crown Chakra Strength, Blockage Cleanse, Mindful Living, Meditation, Energy Healing and Release, BLISS

ESC Rooted Buddha

The Rooted Buddha Mala has been brought to life to help activate your root chakra system with onyx as well as your crown chakra system with tourmalated quartz. The combination of these two gems will bring about powerful meditative practices. Onyx has been known to dispel blockages from ones energetic body bringing about true emotional healing and forgiveness where ever this is needed. Rooted Buddha will help release stagnant toxic energy that is no longer vital to your being and will guard the energy of an empath,  bringing a recharge of strength to ones  spirit.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the moment wisely and earnestly.” - Buddha 

Tourmalated quartz connects you boldly to your root and crown chakra systems all in one! While sending energy through these two points it allows ones creativity to flow freely and will connect you to the power of your confidence and certainty in each unique step that you take. Tourmalated quartz will bring about balance to your masculine and feminine energy allowing compassion and willpower to work hand in hand to result in the best possible outcome through challenges and decision making. Sending love and light, the Rooted Buddha mala will bring one to good fortune and bountiful opportunities!

We were blessed the send this Rooted beauty off to her forever home this past week. If the Rooted Buddha Mala resonates with you please reach out with your desires so that we can begin creating the mala that us uniquely designed to fit to you and your journey ahead ♡