Root Chakra Stimulation


Root Stimulation Mala has been hand crafted with 108 powerfully charged healing crystals and gemstones to directly correlate and activate your root chakra system. This creation has been completed with a carnelian and tigers eye Guru Pendant to assist in the maintenance of a strongly balanced root chakra foundation. You'll feel Golden Obsidian along your neck as your wear this piece to allow the elimination of negative energy running through you and around you from others. Golden Obsidian is a highly protective stone for those who carry it, this mala will be useful through manifestation as it allows us to see beyond our exterior pleasure’s and energetic imbalance’s and connects us to the path of true heart filled, loving desire. Shamans have been known to use obsidian through ceremony to remove physical disorders and remove negative spiritual influence returning faith and clarity again. The beautiful bold energy of red carnelian anchors you to your present reality and will bring motivation to take action toward the full fruition of your dreams. Carnelian will filter out stagnant emotional patterns that no longer serve us and make room for love and light to fuel our mind, body and soul back to a state of certainty and peaceful harmony. 

Consists of: carnelian, tigers eye, golden obsidian