Day 21 of Our Home Garden

From Seedlings to bloom!

Our beautiful flowers, vegetables and herbs are well on their way. 

Welcome to the view of day 21 in our home garden! Putting love into our own garden has more perks than one may think. Not only are we able to watch our salad grow before our own eyes but i've noticed that allowing myself the time and dedication each day to touch my bare feet to the Earth as I water these life giving plants has been an extremely effective for bringing peace and contentment to my mind. When i'm feeling stress linger around me I take a moment to connect with my plants appreciate the complexity of the unique characteristics of each individual plant. I hope to share some of that joy with you all through the images I captured for this post.

When Orbs Meet Roses!

We've also been blessed to have an ancient rose bush welcome us as at our door way. Her roses are barely half blossomed in this photo, she is becoming fuller and fuller each day. Humming birds stop to feed here and the deer seem to enjoy them too! 

There are many more parts to our garden that didn't get photographed for this blog due to lack of camera battery and sunlight! On our next Home Garden update I will be sure to include the progress of our sweet peas, poppies, sage, camomile, lemon-balm, strawberry mint, and our New Zealand spinach too. 

Thanks for keeping up to day with ESC! 

Lots of love,   
Written by B