Introducing our Herbal Home Smudge & Aromatherapy Bundle

Our herbal home smudge & aromatherapy bundle has been put together as an easy way to gently uplift the energy in your home using the elements of Earth and Water. Begin using this herbal home smudge by emptying the contents of the package into a medium sized pot filled half way with water, place pot on heat and allow it to come to complete simmer. Enjoy the beautiful Earthy aroma of sage, lavender and rose as it smudges and diffuses through your home. All herbs chosen for this pack were organically grown amongst beautiful British Columbia.


Take your herbal home smudge to the next level by creating your own herbal home misting spray. Strain herbs from the pot when you are finished smudging then pour herbal liquid into a misting spray bottle. Add 1 TBS of isopropyl as a preservative and prolong the life of your smudging spray. Mist around your home for easy and portable smudging with added aromatherapy benefits.