Feminine Rituals

Introducing the Ouchie Pouchie and Cramp Cream!

It is with great excitement that I am finally able to release this wonderful product to all of you beautiful Earth Goddesses! It has been a pleasure to watch this creation come to life as the journey began over a year ago now when a friend of mine had brought to my attention the magic behind the combination of yarrow, nettle, sage and oregano. This product has inspired me to begin studying further into the depths of herbology and to further my education with how Mother Earth produces all needs that our bodies have cried for. I’ve taken the time to formulate this product specifically to meet your needs with the help of shea butter and cocoa butter to strengthen the skins moisture barrier.

Our Feminine Rituals Collection has been inspired to help women embrace their beautiful moon time menstrual cycle with more comfortably. Help to alleviate cramping with our Ouchie Pouchie herbal bath mixture and topical Cramp Cream. 

Ouchie Pouchie herbal Bath mixture

Cramp Cream: Apply to abdominals and cramping areas as regularly as needed. This product is designed for external use only, if irritation occurs discontinue use. *Scented with rosemary, cinnamon and patchouli oil for your enjoyment
Ouchie Pouchie bath remedy: For those stubborn cramping days place Ouchie Pouchie into hot bath, allow mixture to dissolve completely and enjoy! For higher potency of herbs, once fizzing has stopped squeeze pouch until desired potency is reached.

  *Ouchie Pouchie is not suitable for pregnant woman as some herbs may cause labour. This products is intended for women experiencing their moon time menstrual cycle.


If you have had an experience with our Feminine Rituals package or any of these herbs used that you'd love to share with others please leave a comment bellow!