Saranagati Mala

Surrender, Grounding Love, Acceptance, Self Appreciation, Gratitude
Saranagati is the Sanskrit word meaning surrender. This mala has been attuned to strengthen the trust in ones intuition. It will highlight self love with the help from rose quartz and ease the release of stagnant patterns that no longer serve your greater good. This particular quartz releases a high vibrational frequency that correlates directly with the heart chakra and is known to strengthen the bond in healthy, loving relationships. Rose quartz is known for its ability to powerfully cleanse energy and to hold onto intension after being programmed specifically. Snowflake Obsidian soothes the soul, it completes the upper portion of this mala to aid in self surrender with ease of the heart and mind while moving forward through your journey. It is known for it ability to minimize stress and diminish doubt while protecting ones energetic field from negative intrusions. Sending love and light, the wearer of Saranagati Mala will soak in the raw bliss of all the gratitude that surrounds and beams through them.