New Beginnings for ESC

A chapter has closed for Earth and Soul Collections so that a new one can began to emerge 🌱 Thank you everyone for your love, your kindness, and support through our transition to our new home and business facility on our ten acres in Canford, British Columbia. We have certainly felt the love through our last couple weeks on Vancouver Island, our community has never felt stronger. Our dreams seeds have been nurtured and we are excited to see our land develop into the sanctuary we envision filled with honey bees and medicine gardens through the years to come. We have taken one big step closer to our Earth, our hearts and expansion for our business. Sending big love to our Family for helping make these steps possible ♥ Stay tuned for our journey to come @earthandsoulcollections


If you wish to keep up to date with the growth of Earth and Soul Collections you can follow our journey on instagram @earthandsoulcollections or facebook

Love and light from the creators,
Brooke and Scotty