Shamanic Journeying, Connection to the Animal Kingdom, Roots to our Healing Energy Source


The Shamanic Dream’s mala has been hand tied with 108 powerfully charged leopardskin jasper gemstones to encourage the connection and communication between yourself and the animal kingdom, in both the physical and spiritual realms. A custom Guru Pendant completes this mala to encourage the entirety of the energetic healing process that is necessary to undergo the personal healing that is requested by the seeker. Leopardskin jasper, otherwise referred to as the Jaguar stone is known to bring vitality and strength to those who carry it. It helps to unveil our choices that may have lead to particular wounds in our past and allows the space for understanding and compassion to flourish in the places creating a opening for true personal growth. This mala will connect you to your root chakra system bringing about self love and empowerment to those who endure it. Sending love and light, the Shamanic Dream’s mala is recommended for deepening meditation, spirit animal retrieval, shamanic journeying and other spiritual practices. 

Consist of: leopardskin jasper, Guru Pendant