Reiki Master and The Great Life Force

Every single mala that I've had the honour to create has taught me valuable lessons along the way that open my eyes even wider to the outside world. They show me how connected we all truly are as a human race and how beautiful life can be when we choose to stop resisting one another with scrutinizing words and instead lend a helping a hand to the ones how need it most.

These beauties were originally meant to be one mala but came out as two. The visual for them came through so strongly I decided to just go with the flow and see what would happen opposed to jamming the pieces into place to make a single mala as originally requested. THAAAAANK GOOODNESSSSSS I did because these two beauties ended up being my first two mala's that have been energetically bonded together for a loving husband and wife, what a blessing. Thank you for your generous support that waters the seed of my growing business and for allowing me to continue to share my mystical ways with you all!!! Xox, love and light!

The Great Life Force and the Reiki Master mala have been energetically bonded together through the love centre that flows from our heart chakra. Both of these Earth and Soul Collections share the essence of jade and are completed with a raw, unpolished tourmaline pendant. Tourmaline was chosen to rest at the base of each mala to radiate its extremely balanced energy that will help during life transformation allowing in understanding and strength through the process. When you hold it in your palm you'll feel the encouragement/importance of re-connecting back with Mother Nature from time to time, as her grace spreads the most powerful form of love that we can possibly experience, wholehearted and unconditional. This is the great love force that we are occasionally privileged enough to exchange freely between two souls as these two love birds have found through their journey in life together.

Reiki Master Consists of: raw tourmaline pendant, carnelian, crazy lace agate, jade, Africain turquoise, fluorite, quartz and lava stone

The Great Life Force consists of: raw tourmaline pendant, jade, onyx and smoky quartz

Thank you for reading, B.