Master Healer.

Returning the soul, body and mind back to balance with love.

The Master Healer mala came to life through inspirations of the love that Scotty and I are privileged to hold with each other. When we first met he picked up each and everyone of my broken pieces, dusted them off for me with patience and grace and shown a golden light back onto them to remind me how truly beautiful these broken pieces have been all along. I am blessed to walk along side this mystical man, thank you for fitting in this wild Earth bound life with me. This mala will fill you with all the necessary creative juices you'll be needing to flourish through all the artistic ventures that are headed your way. Thank you for raining your love down on me and taking a walk on the wild side with me too.


The Master Healer has been lovingly hand tied with 108 crystals filled blissfully with intent to welcome in the continual flow of the ever lasting, unconditional love that dances all throughout us and around us. This energetic beauty has been completed with a hand crafted pendant made with one of my personal favourite healing stones, this stone forms when pieces of meteorite enter through our atmosphere colliding into Mother Earth only to grow into a extraordinarily powerful offering from above that we like to call 'tektite'. This cosmic stone is commonly used during psychic practices, meditation, Reiki energy healing and many other spiritual practices as it has been known to enhance visuals through the third eye and release a very unique energetic vibration that will help bond the relationship between you and your cosmic guides, YAAAAY TEKTITE!!!!! This beauty also desired a particular grounding balance that has been provided with the bold strength of onyx. This stone has been passed down through generations as a gift of personal strength as it will absorb the difficulties that fly through your brain rapidly and send them back to you with clarity and ease of the mind, body and soul. The mystic green that glows throughout her is a little taste of love shared with us through the presents of jade. Jade encourages your energetic flow to work from the heart centre and allow in the healing of past wounds.  

Xox, sending all the love and light, thank you for reading.