Meditative thoughts of B.

Allowing yourself to truly feel the emotions you're currently bathing in whether they are feelings of grievance, love, misfortune, or graciousness, is how compassion is born. A life of compassion proves colours to show brighter, food to taste better, love to spread farther and dreams to grow wider.

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I choose to enjoy the time I have here on Earth by filling my life with what drives my soul into song and dance. Focusing on what makes me happy instead of worry about what my neighbour is doing, or my family, or friend who didn't make the same decisions that I would. That's life, let it go. We aren't meant to be cookie cutter humans. We are all incredible in our own unique way and it is our choice to see the light in ourselves and share it with others or coast through the darkness wondering what the heck we are doing with ourselves each day that passes. Ive chosen to walk with passion in each step I take and once I made that conscious decision my world was opened a whole new way of life for me .. It became impossible to fail because the pathway of trying is one of success in its own.

Graaaatituddddddeee 🙏🏼✨🌻  Thank you for reading. 

Love and light, B