Hand crafted, made with love, always.

Inspired by the moon light in her eyes and the fire in her soul, I was privileged to tie this custom creation  for one of my dear soul sister's, it was especially made as it was the first mala that I had ever tied in front of the person I was creating it for.. I now hope to be doing more of this in the future with others! Our reunion was one that shifted our worlds closer together as we shared the  kindness of our hearts and the stories of the fire that light's our most passionate dream's that will be sprouting in our future. We take control of the happiness that surrounds us and our families. I am deeply grateful to grow while having you walk with me in my tribe. Xo


This Beauty has been handcrafted with an elestial quartz Guru Pendant, garnet gemstones and fossilized  coral. 

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