Devine Amour

Another heart-filled creation off to her forever home!

Heart/throat/third eye/crown Chakra, Creative Flow, Manifestation, Self Appreciation

Devine Amour Mala has been lovingly hand tied with 108 specifically chosen crystals to encourage your true colours to shine through your beautiful soul with pride as wild and free as they were meant to be. Lepidolite has been chosen to ease with the opening of our heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, as well as the crown chakra. Engaging with these upper chakras will allow heart throbbing creative flow to burst throughout you while welcoming in the transition of seeing beyond the fear of the judge within ourselves and within others. When Lepidolite is present, it will help bring ones energy back to a state of stillness in order to process circumstances calmly and affectively if feeling overwhelmed. This astonishing crystal draws our awareness toward our own personal behavioural patterns allowing us to see life from a clear point of understanding and to accept the situations that are out of our control, this is the beginning of mindful living. With all of the glorious vibrations that Lepidolite shares with us from being so strongly connected to the upper chakra systems, it gifts us the will to bring our greatest manifestations to fruition.. You deserve it, now take action on the opportunities that present themselves to you! You’ll feel a slight charge of quartz crystal along your neck as you wear this energetic beauty. Quartz act as a natural amplifier of all gemstone that are presently around it, with all the love that resonates within this beauty I found it only necessary to amplify of course! Quartz will also consistently cleanse ones auric energy field filtering out the dust bunnies that are no longer needed. Rainbow agate was chosen as the Guru Pendant for this beauty to inspired the welcoming in of true self appreciation and Devine Amour. This pendant will help one to embrace their feminine side and to stand tall with certainty when taking action. Sending love and light, Devine Amour Mala will guide you to times of peace within the mind, body, and soul. Recommended for spiritual journeying, everyday use, or other meditative practices.