Wind Spirit Mala

Wind Spirit Mala

Dream Journey, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Manifestation, Self Love, Connection to Your Personal Spirit Guides, Embracing Inner Truth   

Wind Spirit Mala encourages one to spread their wings from limb to limb and reach farther than the eye can see, beyond the boundaries of their dreams. 108 lovingly charged gemstones and a hand crafted tassel complete this mala as it has been attuned to strengthen the bond within self and the guidance from Arch Angels, the animal Kingdom, higher self, your inner child or any other spiritual guides that are currently present. Lapiz Lazuli brings balance to ones third eye and throat chakra systems, when directing our energy to flow from these two points within our body it allows us to bring forth our most inspiring inner creator to assist in very successful manifesting practices while working with the power of the greater good. Gold flakes are sprinkled throughout Lapis and assists one in staying rooted to Earth peacefully as you dream journey through spiritual practices. Picture Jasper is another creativity boosting stone that is present, it allows us to see the bigger picture in unclear situations bringing about peace to circumstances in which control may be out of your reach. Jasper shares knowledge and ease in understanding the importance of Devine Timing while surrounding us with simplistic appreciations in all things. Quartz is one the purest crystals we have on Earth, it has been placed throughout Wind Spirit Mala as it absorbs, replenishes, cleanses and restores any stagnant energy that is no longer serving a higher purpose for us, allowing this process clears room for more beautifully abundant opportunities to flourish. Sending love and light, this mala will encourage you to embrace your inner truths and to wear them all with pride! Always listen from within, your faith will always be your greatest guide. Xo, happy travels!

Consists of: picture jasper, 1 bamboo leaf bead, lapis lazuli, quartz

Wind Spirit Mala has been crafted with 8mm beads. 

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