Synergy Mala

Synergy Mala


Empowerment, Community, Boundaries, Sacred Grounding and Inner Child Connection

 This mala has been attuned to bond with the light of joy and synergy.  It has been hand tied with 108 gemstones consisting of pyrite and crazy lace agate while being completed with a specially chosen pyrite point that came home from Byron Bay, Australia. 

Pyrite can be a master healer when utilized properly. It offers a sacred grounding connection that binds to Earths core energy which can be useful through journeying or meditation practices. This master healer shares a Universal appreciation for the interconnectedness of all beings. The synergy mala will be useful for the one on the path of self discovery as it will help to define personal boundaries that are needed for your synergistic growth. Pyrite tunes the eye to notice that the more you stay true to yourself, the more chances you will have to witness your Vibe Tribe rising up around you, perhaps even from places you may have never expected.

The medicine of laugher carries within Crazy lace agate as it resonates deeply with the heart and sacral chakra systems. It is known as the stone of joy and happiness. It connects us to the unconditional love of inner child, strengthening this bond reminds us not to take life too seriously and can encourage optimistic views. Crazy lace helps to diminishing an overthinking mind and welcomes in the essence of simplicity.

Happy journeying Vibe Tribe! 
Please note that the Synergy Mala has been tied with 6mm beads

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