Shiva's Glory Mala

Shiva's Glory Mala

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Lord Shiva's Protection, Sacred Grounding(onyx), Empowerment, Concentration, Fearlessness

The ancient stories say that it was a single tear from Lord Shiva’s eye that grew into the miraculous tree that we call Rudraksha. The tree seeds are produced through a blue fruit that turns black once it’s dried. When the central hard seed is discovered they have been known to have from 1 up to 21 faces. It is believed that by wearing Radraksha tree seeds, one will have the protections of Lord Shiva. When embracing the energy of Shiva, she helps to enlighten our super consciousness. She provides improved concentration and mental structure in the changes necessary to allowing the path of worldly and self aspiration to come to life through its best possible outcome, even if destruction of old ways are necessary through the process. Shiva holds the strength to do what needs to be done as she enjoys her comforts of command yet remains unattached to the material advantages at hand. The hand crafted tassel that completes this 108 beaded mala was specifically designed to draw energy toward the sacral and solar plexus power chakra systems. When strengthening these systems within ourselves some may find it useful to remain mindful that there’s always light in every situation, if that is what you choose to find. Sending love and light, the wearer of Shiva's Glory will be guided toward self realization and the empowerment needed to lead a fearless life. Recommended for expressing your mantra, other spiritual practices and everyday use. Happy Living!!!

Consists of: Radraksha tree seeds, onyx, hand crafted tassel

Please note that Shiva's Glory mala has been tied with  9mm beads

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