Open Heart Insight Mala

Open Heart Insight Mala


Directing Energy, Chakra System Balance, Insight, Spirit Renewal, Patience, Courage

Open Heart Insight Mala has been hand tied with 108 specifically chosen gemstones to directly correlate with the balance of our 7 main human chakra systems. This mala has been filled with the intent of allowing ones trust to flourish with their intuition and inner healing gifts. Bloodstone encourages one to look through the eye of Insight to see bellow and beyond the surface in order to fully appreciate the context and meaning of all that life brings you. Bloodstone holds the gift of energy cleansing and was once used by Ancients as an immune stabilizer for acute infections and also used in practice to banish evil if needed bringing recognition that chaos precedes transformation. Ancients Egyptians used it to shrink tumours and to heal the Ancestral line. It will revitalize your mind from exhaustion while grounding your heart energy. Bloodstone will bring your inspirations to the surface with patience and courage in every step you take toward them.  White jade holds an Angelic vibration centring our energy to work from a place of peace and calmness to emphasizes the best possible outcome. It dispels confusion, allowing ones mind to calm and process decision making with ease and understanding. Sending love and light, Open Heart Insight Mala will be useful to direct energy making this mala a powerful tool through mantra meditation, manifestation, past life regression and other spiritual practices.

 Happy Healing Journeys Friends!!! 

Please note that Open Heart Insight Mala has been tied with 8mm beads and is completes with an Indian Bloodstone Guru Pendant. 

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