New Moon Howler Mala

New Moon Howler Mala


Nurture, Dream Seeking, New Beginnings, Angelic Realm & Wolf Spirit Animal Connection, Open Heart Healing

The New Moon Howler was brought to life through inspiration of the flowing new moon that was present on August 1st 2019. The energy of this beauty called to me loud and clear as she began to emerge with 108 beads consisting of rose quartz, howlite and a single piece of clear quartz to sustain the harmony of the energetic balance within. 

This mala has been crafted for a true dream seeker with the guidance of Wolf Spirit Animal offering the acknowledgment of the leader within you. Wolf teacher knows their surroundings at all times, knowing when to strike and when to rest. Although wolf can be vicious when needed, they offer loyalty like no other and a deeply unconditional nurture that bonds inevitably with rose quartz. Rose quartz directly correlates with all chakras systems relating to the heart and is often used by crystal healers to awaken self love and open heart insight toward infinite peace. It can be used as a purifying crystal as it absorbs, restores and regulates all energy that it contacts. Rose quartz will help mend heartache from the loss of a loved one while attracting healthy, supportive and unconditional loving relationships that are needed in this time.

Howlite is the teacher of patience. It releases a very high vibrational frequency that offers connection to the angelic realms. It will filter negative patterns and welcome in new perspective while redirecting a wondering mind. Howlite can be used for dream re-cal and to heighten visuals through meditation or other spiritual practices. 

Sending love and light, happy journeying to you Soul Brothers and Sisters!
*Please note that the New Moon Howler Mala has been crafted with 8 mm beads.

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