Fire Soul

Fire Soul


Sacred Healing, Lower Chakra Awareness, Auric Cleansing, Fire Element Connection, True Passion Seeking

This Earth and Soul Collection has been hand crafted with 108 powerfully charged gemstones to directly correlate with our root chakra, sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra systems. While directing our energy toward the lower chakra systems through meditation or other spiritual practices, it creates a sacred space to be able to envelop the necessary steps toward authentic healing of past wounds. Crazy lace agate makes up the cabochon style Guru Pendant for this mala connecting us to the sun and the empowering element of fire. Tigers eye, also referred to as the all seeing eye, allows us to see past our wishful desires and encourages us to embrace our true, heartfelt passions. Emotionally, tigers eye balances our energetic body bringing about focus and stability to the wearer. Quartz crystal has been placed throughout Fire Soul to aid in the consistent cleansing of the auric energy field. Onyx provides us with a sacred sense of grounding as we journey through the cosmos, and helps to revive a forgetful mind. Sending love and light this mala has been designed to encourage the openness of ones mind, body and soul toward the endless beauty in the possibilities that are embedded within the magical encounters ahead, xox.

Consists of: crazy laze agate Guru Pendant, onyx, tigers eye, quartz crystal

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