Earth Strong Miracle Cleaner CONCENTRATE

Earth Strong Miracle Cleaner CONCENTRATE

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EARTH STRONG MIRACLE CLEANER is TUFF on dirt but GENTLE on the planet. Rigorously formulated to tackle a wide variety of uses, this special concentrate contains natural active enzymes for exceptional cleaning power.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 80 ml of concentrate into your re useable Earth Strong misting bottle and add 750 ml of water for dilution. This concentrate contains over three refills for easy and convenient year round use. Once ingredients have been mixed, apply to any surface you can safely apply water to, wipe with cloth and enjoy!
**For best results used purified water**

Suitable for:
* kitchen cleansing
bathroom cleansing- toilets, shower, bathtub, sink
* laminate floors
* disinfectant/dusting
* car cleansing
* cleans sticker glue/tape residue
* pet odor removal
* TUFF on grime, dirt, oily surfaces & more

With or Without Reusable Misting Bottle:
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